If you’re a business whose product or service experience for its customers can be enhanced in a visual way, adding Instagram to the equation seems a great strategy.

You’re probably using it already or you have decided that it will help you connect with your customers in a personal and casual manner to further cultivate trust. Whatever it is, be sure to employ some Instagram tools to help you manage the service with considerable ease and efficacy.

Here are seven of the best Instagram tools for entrepreneurs

Statigram [Free]

statigram is one of the most popular instagram tools

Statigram is a web interface that lets you access your Instagram account on the web and perform basic functions, except posting photos. It has an attractive user page that makes visiting profiles as fun as engaging in Instagram itself. It gives you the opportunity to optimize your profile linked to your website and social media accounts.

Those who use Statigram for reasons other than this find its capability to present basic Instagram statistics adequate for a free tool. Moreover, it claims that its users are now a whopping 7 million. If that’s true, then having an account will make you accessible to many potential customers. Further, engage with your followers and gain more by creating interesting contests in Statigram.

Instarchive [Free]

instarchive is one of the most popular instagram tools

Instarchive is a tool that lets you download all photos in your Instagram feed in a zipped file. It’s perfect for those who need their photos for marketing purposes without having to search through a web interface. That’s not all. Instarchive is now just a part of something bigger – Recollect, a web client itself. As the name suggests, it has the ability to retrieve photos in Instagram and Flickr, long-forgotten Tweets, and check-ins.

Followgram [Free/Paid]

followgram is one of the most popular instagram tools

Like Statigram, Followgram is used by many Instagram users because it’s free and the interface is attractive and user-friendly. Its difference from other free Instagram web clients is its upgrade option currently priced at 1.79 Euros. It gives an entrepreneur the upper hand in gaining more followers as it promises to “increase your popularity” by being visible to its many users. Another reason why Followgram is popular to Instagram users is that it lets you insert your visually enticing Instagram feed into your website.

Overgram [Free]

overgram is one of the most popular instagram tools

Overgram is not an Instagram web client, but a tool that lets you add text to your photos. Sometimes, the caption box is not enough to grab attention or the photo itself needs special typography to serve its punch line. Overgram helps you create engaging captions and funny memes in stunning fonts. It’s very handy, especially for busy people and it guarantees attention. Just don’t overdo it.

Nitrogram [Paid: starts from $149/mo]

nitrogram is one of the most popular instagram tools

Now let’s turn to a serious tool that costs at least $149 a month. Nitrogram claims to be “The Instagram Platform for Brands” so naturally its users are mostly business owners that have turned to Instagram to find out specific statistics on their Instagram usage.

As I have said, it is a serious tool. Ever heard of terms such as “hashtag analytics,” “benchmarking,” or “contributors’ growth”? Yeah, it generates reports, graphs, and data on these things, among others.

If you’re not sure you’d spend $1788 a year for these features. They allow a 14-day free trial. Find out for yourself if you need this tool for your business’ Instagram account.

Search Instagram [Free]

search instagram is one of the most popular instagram tools

Search Instagram helps you find specific photos through a search box that lets you refine your search by location and hashtag. Using hashtags that relate to your business, you can find out which photos are popular to users. Adapt your posts to increase your presence, gain followers, and improve your popularity through the number of likes.

Ink361 [Free]

ink 361 is one of the most popular instagram tools

Ink361 is another Instagram web client that functions the same way the others do. What makes it special is the user’s option to buy prints and offer photos for sale. If you have a visually engaging feed, your customers and followers might be drawn to buy prints of your photos. If doing this complements your business, then this is another way to extend product experience to your customers.

What else? Don’t forget creativity in posting fun and engaging photos – it’s really what Instagram is all about.

This post is written by Sasha Murray, a literature student fascinated in social media marketing. She  writes for bestessays and hopes to run a website of her own. For now, she blogs and interacts in the  web through Twitter and Google+. To know how you can  write for SiteOnn read Write For Us.