Today I got up early. Not to go for a morning walk but to perform an Internet analysis. Crazy thought? But I did it. Not the whole of the Internet, but a small fraction of it. I wanted to know how all types of websites sum up and give a brief picture of the Internet. For this analysis I had to choose a set of random websites which I never came across in the past. After thinking deeply for an hour I thought I should drop the idea and rather write a post on something else as it seemed impossible to find a set of random websites for analysis. But suddenly something struck my mind. I thought why shouldn’t I consider websites from to The thought was great, but it made me feel dizzy as I knew that analyzing 100 websites would definitely test my patience and consume my day. Anyways after twelve hours of digging, I am up with this Internet analysis.

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Internet Analysis Pie Chart

Internet analysis with the help of 100 sites

Pie Chart showing Analysis of the Internet

Out of the analyzed 100 websites, only 23 (19.33%) of them are “suitable” for all. 7 out of these 23 websites redirect to other domains. The majority of websites (24.37%) fall under the “only advertisement” category. These websites are hosted only for sending a user as per his search query to websites containing ads. A majority (14.30%) of  registered websites are “inactive”. These websites did not show up when I searched for them. But searching on I found that they are all registered. 13.44% of all websites “redirect” to other domains. 10.08% of the websites, most of which contain solely advertisements are up for “sale”. 7.56 % websites are yet to be launched and are “under construction”. 2 of them contain advertisements to compensate for the time and money while the websites are being designed. 6.72% websites are just “parked domains”. Domains are parked mainly for sale at a later time. The last on the list are adult websites which consist of 4.20% of the 100 analyzed websites.

I do not know how the picture of the Internet in general will be if an Internet analysis is conducted. It may be completely different from this trend but who knows it might even be very similar. Below I have provided links to some of the websites I found suitable. (It is a site for domain name registration and web hosting) (It is a mobile service provider site) (It is a site which provides software and services for mobile operators and device manufacturers) (It is an online resource where all teenage girls can connect) (This site talks about hair, skin, make-up, dating, health, college, and career) (It the site of a consulting firm and product company that provides technology strategy to businesses and executives on customer service, contact center and social media technology) (It is an international e-commerce site and operates a technology and service platform that enables U.S. retailers with international ambition to transact with consumers in more than 90 countries worldwide) (It is the website of a U.S countryside retreat, where you can enjoy horse riding and yoga)