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Facebook Status Updates: Beyond Imagination

In its 8-year presence, Facebook has seen all heights; the height of Social Networking, the height of innovation and the height of imagination. And this post focuses on the imaginative aspect of Facebook. Let me make it simple; what the Facebook status updates would have been if it were launched, say exactly 100 years before its actual launch? Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, say, what would have happened if it instead were launched on February 4, 1904? What if Facebook were there when the Titanic sank, what if it were there when Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany, what if it were there when India achieved independence, what if it were there when man first reached moon and what if it were there when Facebook itself was created?

People would have posted their status updates on Facebook as we do today and today’s generation would have searched for those archived posts and enjoyed reading them and cherishing history. This article fantasizes those 100 years in a fictional, humorous and creative manner. To make this article interesting enough to catch the imagination of every Facebook admirer, I have photoshoped the homepage of my Facebook Profile showing a historical news feed containing Facebook status updates from many famous personalities.

My photoshoped news feed showing Facebook Status Updates of historical personalities

View this page in great detail. Zoom in, Zoom out, Slide it, Bounce it; enjoy it! You can also “Toggle Full Screen” to get a better view. The structure is the same as that of our Facebook news feed but the time span is different; spanning over hundred years. Read the humorous Facebook status updates from people like Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and more. I hope you enjoy as well as share it.

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