Do you ever wonder why people prefer Google to other search engines. Do you ever care to think why Google ( sits on top with an Alexa Rank 1, despite there being hundreds of search engines on the Internet. Today I will tell you the reasons why Google receives several hundred million queries every day and is the preferred destination for anyone looking for anything over the Internet.

To discuss Google’s supremacy elaborately, I have done a direct Google vs Yahoo vs Bing comparison. Currently Yahoo and Bing are ranked 4 and 28 respectively on rankings. This analysis is based on a global viewpoint so I have not included Baidu (, the Chinese search engine as it is accessible only in Chinese and Japanese and can be considered “Regional”.

Google vs Yahoo vs Bing


Google indexes 50 billion web pages while Yahoo indexes 3.5 billion web pages and Bing indexes 3 billion web pages. As a result, when people use Google, they find information from a storehouse which is about 15 times that of its competitors.

google vs yahoo vs bing web page indexing

Webpage Indexing (Google vs Yahoo vs Bing)

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The first time you visit Google, you might wonder how a website as simple as this is the most powerful search engine out there. But eventually you fall in love with its efficiency as well as its clean and user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, when you go to Bing, you will find a background image which takes forever to load if you are on a somewhat slow connection and you feel like moving out of that page as quickly as possible.

When you visit Yahoo, you will find that the search bar is located at the top of the Yahoo homepage and below is a long page containing news, videos and more. The actual search feature is located on a sub domain (


The load time of Google is significantly less than that of Yahoo and Bing. The homepage of Google ( is 40.67 KB and loads in 0.12 seconds. Comparing we see that the Yahoo homepage ( which is 216.11 KB loads in 1.24 seconds and Bing homepage ( which is 11 KB loads in 0.36 seconds. Moreover Yahoo Search ( which is 11.83 KB loads in 0.29 seconds.

google vs yahoo vs bing load time

Load Time (Google vs Yahoo vs Bing)

As more than three-quarters of the world still use dial-up connection, they find Google more efficient and consider it as their first choice.


Personally speaking, one of the main reasons behind my choosing Google as the default search engine is that I use most of the Google Applications such as Google Maps, News, G Mail, Webmasters Tool, Analytics, Images, Blogger, Alerts, Translate etc, most of which are far better than those provided by its competitors Yahoo and Bing.


Google is owned by Google Inc and is run on the domain On the other hand, Microsoft Inc owns Bing and operates it on the domain Moreover, it has been re-branded many times until at last Bing came into existence. In 1998, Microsoft started its search engine named MSN Search, later changed the name to Windows Live Search in May 2006. Again in March 2007, Windows was separated as a different brand and Live Search was launched. Finally Bing was incorporated on June 3, 2009. Yahoo Search is owned my Yahoo Inc but the main search page is located on the sub domain which is also a reason for its losing the battle to Google because no one like typing long words in the address bar.


It will not be incorrect to say that it has become our habit to use as our default homepage. Many web and mobile applications today have set as their default homepage. Also, “googling” has  become a dictionary word in a short span of time. Thus our habit and activity play a major role in branding Google as the best in business.


Failing to keep Orkut running and in a desperate attempt to beat its rival Facebook in the Social Networking segment, Google came up with a great looking social networking site Google+ on June 28, 2011 which is easily accessible through various Google related products. Yahoo had a social networking service called Yahoo 360 degrees but it was never officially launched and now its development has also been abandoned. Also, the social networking service of Microsoft, socl (, launched in 2012 has a ranking lower than 13000.

UPDATE: Google has been favouring search results associated with a Google Plus account.


One of the major reasons for driving traffic to Google is undoubtedly YouTube. Google acquired YouTube in October 2006, and since then it was made mandatory for any YouTube contributor to register through a Google Account as opposed to any account that could be used earlier. With 4 billion video views a day, YouTube is almost as grand as Google itself and certainly brings massive traffic to Google.

9. ENCRYPTED SEARCHThese days as cyber crimes are rising exponentially, it becomes a challenge for sites to protect the user data by encrypting them. When you are logged into Google, it redirects you to encrypted search and you can browse the Internet without any concern about data theft. When encryption is turned on, your search queries will only be known to Google. Neither any third-party, nor the network administrators of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be able to track your searches. Also when you are not logged-in, you can manually search using encrypted Google if you visit the sub domain the other hand, Yahoo and Bing are far from providing this very special feature.


Due to revenue generated from millions of users, Google enjoys a market share of 82.80% as opposed to Yahoo’s 6.42% and Bing’s 3.91%. This is illustrated by the pie chart below.

google vs yahoo vs bing market share

Market Share (Google vs Yahoo vs Bing versus Others)

This enables the search giant to support a workforce of 90,000 as opposed to Yahoo’s 27,000 and Bing’s 14,000.


sergey brin and larry page on google vs yahoo vs bing

Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Source: Google Images)

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin always considered it as a Search Engine in the first place.

Sergey Brin once quoted “with 100 services, we assumed we would be 100 times as successful. But not all services are created equal. Finding information is much more important to most people than horoscopes, stock quotes, or a whole range of other things.”

So Google still retains its simple yet popular user interface consisting of a simple search box and the iconic logo, and this also contributes in making it the undisputed winner when a Google vs Yahoo vs Bing comparison is done.