Most of us have the habit of searching our names on Google Search. It is a metric (according to us) to see whether we are popular and the first time we find a link about us on the first page, we are overwhelmed and start telling our friends about our newly attained popularity. I have searched for my name Bijit Sharma from the days I started using Google. Back then I never found my name listed and at times it really felt bad. But later I understood this unanswered query of mine. The answer is as simple as 1,2,3 -how will Google Search know you if you do not have a significant online presence; and truly speaking at that point of time I had a scarce online presence with only a Gmail account and an Orkut account. Gradually I created my Facebook account, Twitter account, launched this blog launched my YouTube channel and created accounts on various social networking and social bookmarking sites. I did not do this to make my name appear on Google Search; actually all these happened as per my needs in a course of 6 to 8 years and today when I type my name on Google Search, the stats I find are really amazing (in my opinion at least).


The Analysis- How do you get your name on Google Search?

When I for my name on Google Search, on the first page I find total 11 links. Let me list them down for you to get a better understanding of what I am speaking about.

Link 01 [It links to someone else’s Facebook profile]

Link 02 [My Facebook Profile]

Link 03 [My YouTube Channel]

Link 04 [My Google Plus profile]

Link 05 [It links to someone else’s LinkedIn profile]

Link 06 [My profile]

(UPDATE: This site has recently been remodelled)

Link 07 [Image Results for Bijit Sharma (out of a total of 21 images above the fold, 13 link to me)]

Link 08 [My Pinterest profile]

Link 09 [My Twitter Profile]

Link 10 [My SlideShare Profile]

Link 11 [Video Results (link to one of my videos on YouTube and below is a   hyperlink saying “More videos for bijit sharma »” where videos uploaded by me are listed first)]

These results will of course shuffle with time depending upon your geographical location. But the main scenario will be the same. The results obtained on the first page of Google Search clearly show that pages linked to me appear more than that of anyone else. It doesn’t mean that I spend quality time on each site, although I log into Facebook 20 times a day, I use Twitter 10 times a day, Google Plus once a day; I open my only when I receive any notification and I haven’t logged into my SlideShare account for the past 6 months. Also, now I do not find time to visit Pinterest since pinning consumes a lot of time and also I have not been uploading any new videos to YouTube. Out of the 10 search results on the second page, 7 link to me, prominent among them being a YouTube link, my Rediff page, my Indiblogger profile, digg profile and Quora profile. The third page links to me through 6 search results, prominent among them being a link to my picasa web album, YouTube links, my StumbleUpon profile and the About Me page on this blog. Analyzing these results I can say that if I had a LinkedIn account (UPDATE: I have a LinkedIn account now) and a MySpace account, the first page would have consisted links linked only to me. Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the more common your name, the better content you have to produce to be on the first page; e.g., a man named “John Smith” may find it very difficult to be on the first page of Google Search as there are more than 45,000 people in the United States itself named “John Smith”. But a man named “Tom Thomson” can find his name listed on the first page of Google Search with ease as there are less than 20 people in the United States named “Tom Thomson”. The number of people would not change significantly when we consider the global presence of the name, as these are primarily U.S. names. When I searched for the name Bijit Sharma, I found 2 exact matches on Twitter, 2 exact matches on People finding websites and 17 exact matches on Facebook. I do not know how many people in the world have the name Bijit Sharma, but I do not think that the name is as common as “John Smith” neither is as rare as “Tom Thomson”. Moreover all people would not have a web presence as Internet penetration is not universal. Anyways, I compete with at least 17 people possessing the same name I do to appear on the first page of Google Search.

So, how do you get your name on Google Search?

If you want me to tell you how to get your name on Google Search, the advice is very simple, create accounts (if you do not have one) on multiple social networking and social bookmarking websites- Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Pinterest for social networking and Digg and Delicious for social bookmarking. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos; create a SlideShare account and upload PowerPoint presentations; upload photos to Picasa Web Album and Flickr; write on Squidoo and Hubpages, join forums, comment on blogs with your name mentioned and at last buy a custom domain and create a blog or website. Link each of your social networking sites to your website and vice-versa; also write a compelling “About Me” page mentioning your real  name. After launching your site, create a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Group with the same name as that of your site. At last the main thing that will make you an undisputed leader for searches of your name on Google Search or any other search engine is that if you decide to buy the custom domain matching with your exact name; e.g., (UPDATE: Also create an page and use it like an online portfolio, it’s awesome!)

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