start blogging after a break

Bloggers, do need a break after years of blogging. Some take it deliberately with a promise to return, while some quit as they become bored. There are a third kind of people, who, being unable to handle so many things at the same time decide to stop blogging for a while until they by chance stumble upon their site one day. Then they assure themselves that they would blog again. For some, a break may be for a couple of weeks while for others it may be a couple of years. Nevertheless, a break is a break. The motivating factor which brings you back doesn’t count, the only thing which counts is that you are back and ready to start blogging after a break.

Now that you have decided to resume blogging and try to write, you find yourself nowhere near to writing a single word and end up losing your precious time. Suddenly, you start feeling that blogging is not your cup of tea even if you had blogged actively since the last decade.

What you should do to rediscover your grip and what you should write on the very first instance may puzzle you. But you need to remember that this is natural as everyone would recount that the first time we opened a book after a long vacation, we just couldn’t hold on to it. I have compiled some very essential points, which, in my opinion, would help those innumerable come-back bloggers who deliberately want to liven up their unattended blogs and start blogging after a break.

Want to start bogging after a break? Read these crucial steps:


You might think that your readers would develop a grudge against you for keeping the blog outdated and you develop a guilt feeling. But it is your blog and it is up to you when you write, not every time your readers want some content. Once I was on a blog where the blogger had written three consecutive apology posts and it seemed so unnatural that I switched over to another site with a promise never to return again. So, do not ever write an apology when for the first time you start blogging after a break, you really don’t have to.


You might be a coder and might think that a tough topic with great coding will be a good idea to restart your blog with a bang; but it would be the worst thing to do after a long break. Rather, write something easy, yet informative. This will let you rediscover your passion for blogging and will give you confidence to deal with technical writing in your upcoming posts.


There may be something easy and informative, but you may not be interested in it. Then, avoid writing it. However easy the topic is, it would mar the very purpose of your restarting the blog if you cannot create the feel in it. So never let your original tone go.


Being a coder you might, for instance think of writing about the Rise of JavaScript but such topic will need thorough analysis for weeks, and when being compiled together, it would become the size of a booklet. So better avoid this. Instead, if you want to write about JavaScript, write a short post about any aspect of JavaScript. A long but inaccurate post would not serve the purpose of making up for your lost time, instead 10 short and properly crafted posts will.


Once you start blogging after a break, never again think of slipping into the same in near future and write as many valuable posts you can. If you used to write 5 posts in a month earlier, now make it 10. In this process you are sure to regain your readers as well as rankings within a short period of time.

So, remember these simple yet effective steps and enjoy your time when you decide to start blogging after a break. For interesting tutorials like this, subscribe to our mailing list. If I missed out a step, do let me know in the comments below.