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Internet Speed Test: What is it?

So you bought the new data plan your Internet Service Provider has been advertising for quite some time and you thought that your Internet speed would jump up. You sit at you computer table and by the time your homepage loads you understand that you have been cheated. You go to YouTube and the unending dial-up style buffering provokes you to abandon using Internet. It’s time you stop worrying and know your rights. If your ISP promises 4 Mbps, he may give you 3.5 but not less than that. You should check the speed of your Internet connection on different Internet Speed Test sites and contact your ISP without further delay. Even if you are not troubled and just curious enough to check out your Internet speed, this is the place to start.

An automatic Internet speed test selects a server that is geographically nearest to you for conducting the tests. But you may have the option to select just any server. Selecting a remote server of course will increase your Ping. The Ping Test is performed twice- for small and big packets. Some sites list the speed in both cases, while some just list the average. There are also a third kind of sites which just tests your bandwidth. If you are unsure of the terms and calculations used in an Internet Speed Test you must read Internet Speed Test: Frequently Asked Questions.

Almost all major Internet service providers around the world have a dedicated Internet speed test site, but here I have listed the very best of sites where you can test your Internet speed and that too absolutely free. You don’t have to sign up, neither you have to provide your email address. I started the tests at 11:45 p.m on the Google Chrome browser and it took me almost 90 minutes to finish up with all the sites mentioned here. I have listed my statistics to show you how everything stacks up.

Top Internet Speed Test Sites

These Internet Speed Test sites analyze your Internet connection in detail. They test the upload speed, download speed and latency of your Internet connection.

internet speed test using

This is the most favored site when it comes to Internet Speed Test. I tested my Internet speed and found it something like:

  • Download Speed 2.51 Mbps
  • Upload Speed 0.74 Mbps
  • Ping 271 ms

internet speed test using

This site really rocks. It lists things you never expected. You must give it a try.

  • Download Speed 2.16 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.38 Mbps
  • Ping 175.5 ms

internet speed test using

This site creates some cool graphs to show you actually what you are looking for.

  • Download Speed 4.57 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.46 Mbps
  • Ping 1295 ms

  • Download Speed 1.97 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.50 Mbps
  • Ping 84 ms

  • Download Speed 2.39 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.45 Mbps
  • Ping 726 ms

Test My Speed

  • Download Speed 3.53 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.67 Mbps
  • Ping 316 ms

Bandwidth Place

  • Download Speed 2.40 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.46 Mbps
  • Ping 1295 ms

Speed Test India

  • Download Speed 4.57 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.46 Mbps
  • Ping 184 ms

Comcast Speed Test

  • Download Speed 2.33 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.80 Mbps
  • Ping 377 ms

Charter Speed Test

  • Download Speed 3.26 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.49 Mbps
  • Ping 342 ms

Lvcm Speed Test

  • Download Speed 2.90 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.22 Mbps
  • Ping 314 ms

Frontier Speed Test

  • Download Speed 2.04 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.89 Mbps
  • Ping 385 ms


  • Download Speed 2.24 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.48 Mbps
  • Ping 793 ms

Internet Speed Test sites for uploads and downloads

These Internet speed test sites analyze your Internet connection for your upload and download speeds.

internet speed test using

This Site offers you with two choices- Automatic Speed Test and Manual Test Size. The former is self explanatory while the later lets you chose the size of data you want to be uploaded or downloaded. I was in a hurry so I chose the Automatic Speed Test and the results are provided below:

  • Download Speed 2.10 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.10 Mbps 

internet speed test using

This Internet speed test site is very interactive. You chose the nearest server and that is all you have to do.

  • Download Speed 4.43 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.93 Mbps


internet speed test using auditmypc

This site shows it all in kbps but you can convert it easily.

  • Download Speed 2.13 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.57 Mbps

Speakeasy Speed Test

  • Download Speed 1.67 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 1.12 Mbps

Speed Matters

  • Download Speed 3.34 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed 0.90 Mbps

Bandwidth Test Sites

This list features those Internet speed test sites which analyze your Internet connection and tell you what your bandwidth is.

internet speed test using

This is my long preferred site. To start it is as simple as the click of my mouse.

  • Bandwidth 861.80 kbps

Kify Speed Test

internet speed test using

This is as simple as

  • Bandwidth 422.70 kbps

Intel Speed Test

internet speed test using intel speed test

This test comes from brand Intel. It must have some credibility.

  • Bandwidth 744.3 kbps

BSNL Speed Test

  • Bandwidth 4.85 Mbps

Tracert Bandwidth Meter

  • Bandwidth 254.80 Kbps

2Wire Bandwidth Meter

  • Bandwidth 265 Kbps


There are many other sites which are meant exclusively for Internet Speed Test but they produced such blunt results that I decided to keep them off this list. The above list of 24 sites provide you with a lot of statistics regarding your Internet Speed. Sometimes some discrepancies occur because the Internet is so dynamic. You should choose those sites which give you the closest reading for a regular use. Remember that while conducting an Internet Speed Test you have no other browsers and windows open. Also check that nothing is being uploaded or downloaded, not even antivirus updates. Which Internet Speed Test Sites do you prefer? Let me know in the comment form below and also do not forget to subscribe to our mailing list.