From Google to Yahoo and from Twitter to Facebook, our day-to-day activities are limited to these sites. Occasionally we use Amazon or PayPal and sometimes we have a look at Wikipedia or YouTube. And when we sum these sites up, we see that there are no Indian sites among these. But do you think there are no Indian sites which could match the level of these top players. Actually there are, but Indian sites are not much talked about. So why let them lag behind their American counterparts. It is our job to bring to light these sites so that people can know we do have good sites; in fact some great sites. For quite some time I wanted to list down the top Indian websites; not the top websites in India, but Top Indian Websites. There are many foreign companies like Google and Amazon who operate subsidiary sites exclusive for India, but I did not want to consider them. Even foreign based sites in Indian languages are kept outside of my List of the top 100 Indian Websites. For an approximate understanding of how popular a site is, I used Alexa rankings. Also I took the help of Wikipedia to learn about these sites in detail. There are some sites you have obviously heard about and there are some you will see for the first time. So, here is the list for you.

list of the top 100 Indian Websites
The Internet subsidiary of The Times of India Group, it includes news stories with links to various information sources.
Global Rank: 141
Rank in India: 11

2. is a news, information, entertainment, and shopping portal. It also provides free e-mail and many other services.
Global Rank: 204
Rank in India: 13

Flipkart is an e-commerce company and a leading destination for online shopping in India.
Global Rank: 287
Rank in India: 15

4. lets you find the best in News, Music, Videos and Games from more than 16,000 websites. It also offers an email service, which happens to be the shortest email ( service available on the Internet
Global Rank: 361
Rank in India: 23

5. is India’s No. 1 job site. It is a recruitment platform that provides hiring-related services to corporates/ recruiters in India and overseas.
Global Rank: 423
Rank in India: 24

Banking website for Indians and NRIs.
Global Rank: 470
Rank in India: 26

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation offers online rail ticket booking and checking of ticket reservation status. It includes train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner.
Global Rank: 493
Rank in India: 34

Website of the ICICI Bank. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services.
Global Rank: 551
Rank in India: 35

Website of the NDTV Channel. Covers news stories from all over India and the world.
Global Rank: 508
Rank in India: 37

Quikr is an India-based online marketplace for people to sell and buy things such as apartments, cars, jobs, services, used goods, events and more.
Global Rank: 635
Rank in India: 41

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11. is the largest online marketplace in India. It features products across various categories such as Mobiles, Electronics, Fashion accessories, Apparel, Footwear, Home and Kitchen, Sports, Books, Restaurants, Entertainment and Spas.
Global Rank:  656
Rank in India:  45

Just Dial is India’s No.1 local search engine which provides comprehensive updated information. Services are available in all major Indian cities and across the United States.
Global Rank:  651
Rank in India: 46

13. is India’s leading financial information source. It provides news, views and analysis on equity / stock markets, commodities, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance and loans.
Global Rank:  688
Rank in India: 48

14. is an Indian Internet portal in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu.
Global Rank:  579
Rank in India: 49

15. is an Indian Community of residents as well as NRIs.
Global Rank:  705
Rank in India: 52

16., one of India’s best known brands and the world’s largest matrimonial service.
Global Rank:  557
Rank in India: 53

India’s No.1 Messaging Portal.
Global Rank:  687
Rank in India: 54

The official site of the Indian Railways. It provides information on trains, fares and availability.
Global Rank:  809
Rank in India: 62

Website of the State Bank of India providing online banking facilities to customers.
Global Rank:  811
Rank in India: 63

20. is an Indian Online fashion & Apparel store.
Global Rank:  884
Rank in India: 64

Offers wireless broadband internet, landline phones and mobile phones connection for consumers.
Global Rank:  874
Rank in India: 68

The online Dainik Bhaskar newspaper.
Global Rank:  886
Rank in India: 69

Ad Magnet is an indian digital advertising network.
Global Rank:  897
Rank in India: 74

24. is an online retail marketing and distribution venture.
Global Rank:  1,057
Rank in India: 71

25. is an Indian online travel agency.
Global Rank:  1,053
Rank in India: 82

Banking site
Global Rank:  1,067
Rank in India: 88

Website of Bharti Airtel
Global Rank:  1,247
Rank in India: 90

A leading marketplace which matches buyers and suppliers.
Global Rank:  1,177
Rank in India: 93

Provides information about services offered, interest rates, corporate banking and downloadable forms. It also includes services like internet, phone and ATM banking.
Global Rank:  1,361
Rank in India: 94

Official forum of Airtel. It contains discussions on Airtel connections.
Global Rank:  1,377
Rank in India: 95

31. is an Indian Online shopping, E-commerce portal for Home, Lifestyle & Fashion.
Global Rank:  1,516
Rank in India: 96

Website of Reliance communications which deals in Internet connectivity.
Global Rank:  1,309
Rank in India: 99

33. is a rapidly growing Indian online shopping retailer focused on fashion and casual lifestyle products.
Global Rank:  1,401
Rank in India: 100

BillDesk is  an online bill paying site.
Global Rank:  1,405
Rank in India: 103

Online site of the India Today magazine.
Global Rank:  1,419
Rank in India: 109

36. lets you Search, Choose & Book movie tickets in the simplest, easiest and the smartest way.
Global Rank:  1,474
Rank in India: 113

Official site of The Hindustan times. It provides mainly news stories.
Global Rank:  1,249
Rank in India: 115

38. Site containing Adult Content

India.Com Email is a free, advertising-supported email service .
Global Rank:  1,278
Rank in India: 121

40. is an Indian employment website operating in India and Middle East.
Global Rank:  1,561
Rank in India: 127

Naaptol is one of India’s largest comparison based social shopping portal.
Global Rank:  1,871
Rank in India: 128

42. facilitates customers with online banking etc.
Global Rank:  1,808
Rank in India: 132

News portal. Official site of The Hindu newspaper.
Global Rank:  1,469
Rank in India: 133

Sify is an Indian broadband internet provider
Global Rank:  1,766
Rank in India: 144

Tata DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited’s telecom service on the GSM platform.
Global Rank:  2,327
Rank in India: 146

Asklaila is an Indian internet and mobile services company offering a digital commerce platform of marketplaces.
Global Rank: 1,961
Rank in India: 148

Reliance communications official website
Global Rank: 2,087
Rank in India: 153

It has a unique job-matching technology along with career guidance, resume services and industry information.
Global Rank: 2,090
Rank in India: 157

49. is an e-commerce company. It is an online retailer for books, electronics, and automobiles in India.
Global Rank: 2,168
Rank in India: 161

Site dealing in Reliance Broadband connections.
Global Rank: 2,268
Rank in India: 163

Ibibo is a site offering  a variety of applications under its social network.
Global Rank: 2,138
Rank in India: 164

52.  is an Indian Telugu-language online newspaper site.
Global Rank: 1618
Rank in India: 167

CarDekho is an online service community that offers auto enthusiasts a friendly site where they can find their dream car.
Global Rank: 2,258
Rank in India: 168

IndianDating is popular dating site in India.
Global Rank: 5,736
Rank in India: 171

55. tracks news from India and around the world.
Global Rank: 1,899
Rank in India: 172

56. is India’s No.1 private sales club and is a leader in the online Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle industry.
Global Rank: 2,659
Rank in India: 176

57. is the official site of a Telugu media group. It mainly contains news stories.
Global Rank: 2,099
Rank in India: 177

CarWale is an automotive website.
Global Rank: 2,668
Rank in India: 182

59. is an online shopping store.
Global Rank: 2,973
Rank in India: 185

60. Site containing Adult Content

61. is a site containing varied contents ranging from gossips to wallpapers to SMS and jokes.
Global Rank: 1,837
Rank in India: 190

62. is a travel site which makes travel simple.
Global Rank: 2,539
Rank in India: 192

Deals in idea cellular connections.
Global Rank: 2,614
Rank in India: 196

CCAvenue is one of India’s top online marketplace possessing transactional capabilities with all Credit Card brands, major online banking institutions, mobile payment and cash cards options.
Global Rank: 2,861
Rank in India: 198

65. is an internet portal dedicated to Real Estate.
Global Rank: 2,919
Rank in India: 204

66. is an Indian online travel agency and a travel search engine.
Global Rank: 2,874
Rank in India: 205

A top Indian classified.
Global Rank: 2,832
Rank in India: 206

68. is the online version of a daily newspaper published from various cities in India.
Global Rank: 2,143
Rank in India: 208

69. is an Indian matrimonial portal.
Global Rank: 2,868
Rank in India: 210

70. enables you to search, buy or sell, exchange and interact for common or complementary interests within or across local communities in India.
Global Rank: 2,924
Rank in India: 214

Official site of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.
Global Rank: 3,135
Rank in India: 220

Tyroo is the largest ad-network in India to have its own world-class self-serve technology.
Global Rank: 3,147
Rank in India: 221

MySmartPrice is an online price comparison engine which lets you find the best price of products in Mobiles, Books, Cameras, Electronics, Computers, Appliances and Personal Care products.
Global Rank: 3,413
Rank in India: 222

Zomato is an Indian website providing information related to restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and events at such establishments in cities of India and UAE.
Global Rank: 3,358
Rank in India: 223

Cricbuzz is a site dedicated to cricket. It provides the fastest ball-by-ball commentary and score.
Global Rank: 4,158
Rank in India: 224

Airtel’s global site
Global Rank: 2,566
Rank in India: 228

A Connectivity and Communication Solutions Provider
Global Rank: 3,618
Rank in India: 235

A property site
Global Rank: 3,414
Rank in India: 239

79. is an Indian English-language daily newspaper site.
Global Rank: 3,523
Rank in India: 249 

Online shopping site.
Global Rank: 5,024
Rank in India: 254

Top Indian English language site containing news stories.
Global Rank: 2,825
Rank in India: 257

India government’s official passport delivery site.
Global Rank: 3,838
Rank in India: 258

83. is the no.1 Indian entertainment forum.
Global Rank: 2,416
Rank in India: 259

Online recharge site for mobile phones, DTH connections etc.
Global Rank: 3,609
Rank in India: 260

85. is one of the leading online travel sites in India.
Global Rank: 5,116
Rank in India: 261

BigRock is an ICANN accredited internet domain name registrar and web hosting company.
Global Rank: 3,439
Rank in India: 262


Link directory to free online music resources.
Global Rank: 3,461
Rank in India: 264

Dainik Jagran homepage. The site is in Hindi.
Global Rank: 3,332
Rank in India: 266

Recharge your mobile and DTH services online
Global Rank: 3,716
Rank in India: 270

90. is a user-generated content and consumer review website.
Global Rank: 3,427
Rank in India: 271

Daily News and Analysis official site containing mainly recent news stories.
Global Rank: 2,807
Rank in India: 272

Inkfruit is an online T-Shirt store, where t-shirt designs are submitted and voted for by the user community.
Global Rank: 4,004
Rank in India: 273

93. is a completely free and user driven online shopping community.
Global Rank: 4,247
Rank in India: 277

Hotklix. com is a social bookmarking site.
Global Rank: 2,736
Rank in India: 279

95. Site containing Adult Content

96. Site containing Adult Content

A popular Gujarati News portal
Global Rank: 3,763
Rank in India: 289

Official website of the Frankfinn Institute containing Air Hostess Training, Air Hostess Job, Cabin Crew Career, Indian Air Hostess, Air Hostess Academy.
Global Rank: 3,168
Rank in India: 290

The web-based version of English and Malayalam language daily.
Global Rank: 2,379
Rank in India: 291

Contains Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam songs and videos.
Global Rank: 3,058
Rank in India: 293

I could have listed a few more, but 100 is enough I assume. The rankings may shuffle with time, yet these sites will still be the Top Indian Websites. You might have noticed a few sites such as,,, and not featured in this list, but strictly speaking they are not Indian sites. Anyways enjoy the list. You may also like to check out check out Top Indian Social Networking Sites you should join.

There have been reshuffles in the rankings since this post was first published and it may not be as accurate as it happened to be a couple of years back.