Facebook might be sitting comfortably on top of the social networking pyramid, but the new kid in town, Pinterest is trying hard to pull it back and is raising serious concerns about Facebook’s lofty ambitions. If you are new to Pinterest, A basic tutorial to Pinterest is a must read. In today’s world, you can’t find a substitute to Facebook but the sudden rise of Pinterest to popularity isn’t good news for the social networking giant.. In this post I am in no mood to compare it directly with Facebook but I will bring Pinterest in front of many other social networks and see where it stands.

rise of pinterest

Image courtesy of Samarttiw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In January 2012, it was reported that Pinterest had 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors, making it the fastest website ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. Recent data suggests that Pinterest drove more referral traffic in January than Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace combined. As of January 2012, it was driving more affiliate sales than Facebook.

But growth rates do fall and when they fall, they fall sharply. This exactly happened with Pinterest. After continuous ascent, unique monthly visitors fell in the month of April. But according to Comscore, when its user base solidifies around dedicated users, it will experience a steady growth.

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First, let us see where Pinterest stands compared to its nearest social networking sites for photo sharing.

daily unique pageviews compared to pinterest

Comparison of Daily Unique Page Views per user.

time on site in a day compared to pinterest

Comparison of Time on Site in a day per User

In terms of daily unique pageviews per user, weheartit tops the list but people spend more time on Pinterest as is clear from the second chart.

Pinterest also excels by a huge margin in Alexa.com ranking, reassuring the largest traffic inflow among the four.

pinterest.com 39
weheartit.com 1369
notcot.org 11003
gentlemint.com 20436

UPDATE: Pinterest is currently ranked 26 on Alexa.com Rankings.

Now let us see the comparison of Pinterest with today’s giant social networking sites viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.

userbase in millions compared to pinterest

Comparison of userbase

Pinterest, in terms of userbase seems a dwarf compared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn but do remember that it is the fastest site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. Though still in its nascent stage, Pinterest, with its incredible growth rate will be a sure success in the coming years.

daily pageviews per user compared to pinterest

Comparison of Daily Unique Page Views per user

Facebook took some time to reach this incredible figure of daily unique pageviews per user and it took LinkedIn 9 years to get to this mark. Pinterest made it to the third spot only in a couple of years. So, in terms of page views, it’s incredible success in the future is guaranteed.

time on site per day compared to pinterest

Time on Site per user in a day

“Time on Site” is one of the most valuable factors for judging the popularity of social networking sites and Pinterest wins appreciably here. Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn are atleast five years old but people spend more time on the two year old Pinterest.

(I have not listed Google+ in the above two bar graphs because it is incredibly difficult to procure exact data of a subdomain. Moreover, Google recently did not disclose any Google+ statistics).

Social networking sites have come and gone but Pinterest is here to stay. By reading this article, one can for sure consider it the biggest hit since Facebook.