Today while reading an article on written by my friend Likan Patra (link), I came to know that there exists a website which is built exclusively for offline browsing. This site is about the South Indian megastar Rajinikanth. You might think it to be another Rajinikanth joke but it isn’t. Go to the site You will be welcomed with this message.He is no Ordinary Man, This is no Ordinary Website. It runs on Rajni Power! The only way to enter this website is by switching off your Internet.

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offline browsing Rajnikanth website welcome messageAfter disconnecting the Internet, you will be greeted with this message.Congratulations, Your actions have earned you the right to browse this website. Click here to enter website. Click on the link to enter and start browsing offline.

offline browsing Rajnikanth website instruction messageYou can browse though facts about the life of Rajinikanth, his career and the even more popular Rajni Jokes with Rajinikanth’s trademark foot tapping music playing in the background. You can share this site with your friends on social networks and you can also contribute jokes to the website. If you reconnect the Internet, you will see an error message, Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing switch off your Internet.

offline browsing Rajnikanth website error messageAwesome, isn’t it? Probably the only site on the Internet with such a unique offline browsing feature. Hats off to the developers. Anyways you may be thinking how this site runs without an Internet connection. Actually no site can run without an Internet connection and allaboutrajni is no exception. Just the thing is that this site is designed in such¬† way that it seems to be built for offline browsing. The developers, Desimartini and Webchutney have created a very small-sized flash file using vector graphics which is downloaded as soon a you open the site. They also have scripted it in such a way so that it can recognize Internet connection and act accordingly. When not connected to the internet, we actually see the flash file which was downloaded in the background.

Instead of entering the site and disconnecting the Internet, just try out the reverse. Disconnect the internet and type the URL. If you had already opened the site earlier, it will run from the cache, but if you clear the history and browser cache or run it on another browser, you will never be able to get access to the site. So, simple trick and awesome innovation…CRACKED!!