list of the best kids search enginesIf you have tech savvy kids who, on seeing you online wish for the same; but you, being scared of  the online world deprive them from using the Internet. Its  time you stop worrying and urge your child to use the  Internet as it will broaden their knowledge-base and  thinking power. Everyone knows that you can filter the  results of almost all search engines by tweaking the Advanced  Search Settings a bit. But who knows if by any chance an  unfiltered result creep in. So here I have listed 11 Search Engines with safe search features created exclusively for kids so that you can leave them on their own and rest assured that they would not fall  prey to any explicit content online.

I personally handpicked these 11 search engines from a  whole lot of 25+ Kids Search Engines. I used various  criteria for testing these sites. I searched for some potentially harmful words and put those sites out of my final list which returned some sort of negative results. Also I did not  consider sites with heavy advertisements since I don’t want  kids to turn into customers.

The best Kids Search Engines are listed below

Ask Kids

ask kids is one of the best kids search enginesAsk Kids is one of the very friendly Kids search engines and is maintained by The homepage looks like a typical notebook with the search box on the top left corner. It is designed to meet the standard of kids from ages 6 to 12. It is a safe and fun way for children to learn various topics. It has all the features of, but is built on safe search features.

Kid Rex

 kidrex is one of the best kids search enginesKidRex is built on Google Custom Search. It has a nice looking crayon style homepage with handwriting resembling that of a kid. It uses Google Safe Search features. The dinosaur stands guard to make sure that the search results are kid friendly.

Sweet Search

sweet search is one of the best kids search enginesA sweetly built search engine for kids. The interface is neat and the search is powered by Google. The search results are reviewed by professionals. Sweet Search has an option to search within its database and the whole of Google as well. You can share the results to your Google docs account and also on Social Networking websites.


kidz search  is one of the best kids search enginesResembling a Google-like homepage, KidzSearch is quite popular among kids. It uses Google Safe Search feature and has its own KidzSearch filtering as an added layer. The search results also appear similar to that in Google.


boolify  is one of the best kids search enginesThis website features a unique concept of searching using Boolean operators. It is powered by Bing. Kids are not aware of how Boolean Operators work, so you might think it to be of no use to kids. But this search engine just uses the concept of Boolean Operators to produce the results. If you want to search for Water Pollution, drag the green keyword piece and write Water. Again drag And and again a Word piece and write Pollution. On the other hand, if you want to search for the term Water and want to exclude Pollution from the search results, drag the green Word piece and write Water. Now drag Not and again drag the green Word piece and type Pollution. Your search results will not contain the word Pollution or any other word with a similar meaning. That’s complete fun. Moreover you can save a search result; you can view a previously saved result and you can also delete a search result.

Quintura Kids

quintura kids is one of the best kids search enginesOne of the most lively Kids Search Engines on the list. It feels like you are in midst of nature.It is powered by Yahoo!. When you enter a search term, you get the search results below and above the search bar you will find some keywords in the form of a cloud which relates to the entered query. If you do not find the search results of your choice hover over the keywords on the cloud and click the one you find appropriate and the corresponding results will be displayed.

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too

 Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too is one of the best kids search enginesSounds like a real kids search engine. A very good name to capture the interest of a kid. This site also runs on Google Custom Search. Below the search box is a directory covering various topics. Dib Dab Doo is mainly built for pre-nursery and primary school students. For this reason, their filtering is very strong, allowing only the safest results to be displayed.


gogoolians is one of the best kids search enginesA bit different from the others, GoGooligans provides many options alongside your search results. It is equipped with Spell Check, Reference and Translate tools. There is also a Virtual Keyboard. On the advanced options you can choose particular sources from which you want your search results such as The Entire Internet, Wikipedia, Encarta etc. You can even filter your search by time and region. As a whole you can say it is one of the safest Kids Search Engines.

aga kids is one of the best kids search enginesHere you have the option to choose between “Text Search” and “Visual Search”. The search results displayed are always interactive. This search engine searches websites made only for kids.

Kidoos Search

kidoos is one of the best kids search enginesKidoos Search is a nicely built kids search engine with bright background color. It is built on the Google Custom Search platform. One feature I liked here is that you can search in 35+ languages which is not possible on the other sites. Moreover it has very strong filtering.

Kid Search

kid search is one of the best kids search enginesPowered by Google Custom Search, Kid Search is special. It implements strong filtering. One unique feature I found here is the “Create Your Own” section. You can create your own safe search engine for whatever purpose it may be and customize it as you like. You can even set this customized search engine as your homepage.

This list contains search engines your child would love to search on. So, gone are the days when you were bound to be tied to your son or daughter when they decide to go online. I have compiled this list of search engines keeping in mind the traffic, so the site listed on top gets the most traffic while that listed at the bottom gets the least. But do remember that even the ones down the list are great sites. You may like reading 20 Safe and Interactive Kids Social Networks.