Many Indian Social Networking Sites came into existence as early as the giant Social Networks were just being planned but none could top the list. Yet there are some Indian Social Networking Sites today which are trying to carve their names among the giants. In this post I have listed 7 Indian Social Networking Sites built mainly to cater to the people in India. In the days of Facebook and Twitter, you might think that Indian Social Networking Sites do not get much traffic, but this is not the fact. Some of the sites here are ranked high and get millions of hits in a month.

How I short-listed these sites?

First I listed down all the sites. Then I thoroughly checked if they are real Indian Sites. Some sites are launched under the “.in” domain but are not Indian or have a major user-base from another country. I then checked for their pagerank and their Global and Indian Alexa rankings and rejected those sites which are very low in the ranking. At last I checked whether the selected sites are safe for a user on the website as many sites contain viruses and Trojans and very dangerous for browsing.

List of the short-listed Indian Social Networking Sites


Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 354

Alexa Rank (Global): 4,097

A Social Networking Site for young Indians living anywhere in the world. A really nice place to hang around. You can join bharatstudent directly or through Facebook. I found a nice section here called “Facebook Updates”. You don’t need to check your Facebook account for updates every now and then. You can check them directly from your bharatstudent profile. So you do not lose track of what’s happening on Facebook. There are a lot of good features on bharatstudent and I also liked the “G7 Connect”. This feature allows you to make free calls worldwide from PC to PC and from PC to Land Line/Mobile using credits earned at


Google Pagerank: 6

Alexa Rank (India): 392

Alexa Rank (Global): 5,243

Developed by the Times of India group, itimes is a leading Social Networking Site in India. It is also popular in other countries. Here you can find your friends from many sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail etc. You can start a blog as well and can post articles of your choice. Many Bollywood celebrities and other prominent persons enjoy blogging on itimes.


Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 1,033

Alexa Rank (Global): 10,649

Like any other Social Networking Site, indyarocks gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends. You can send SMS to anyone in India from indyarocks. It is said that you can get your Google Adsense account approved more quickly through indiarocks. I never tried this but you can give a try.


fropper is one of the best indian social networking sites

Join fropper

Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 1,115

Alexa Rank (Global): 16,493

An Indian Social Networking Site for chatting with friends as well as dating. Here your profile is called My Zone and posting an update is called posting Shout-Outs. The dating category is separated under the section Relationships.


Google Pagerank: 3

Alexa Rank (India): 20,027

Alexa Rank (Global): 112,817

This site is ranked high but I was unable to create an account as it was showing an error message again and again. Try creating an account yourself and explore what lies inside myindospace.


chillx is one of the best indian social networking sites

Join chillx

Google Pagerank: 3

Alexa Rank (India): 83,201

Alexa Rank (Global): 411,634

ChillX is an Indian Social Networking Site registered by Zap Strategy Limited, New Zealand. It has a list of its Team Members on the site. They are a 4 member team, Tikiri, Zuricka, Neil and Nirmal. On the site I also found the trending stories known as “ChillX Buzz” very interesting.


yaari is one of the best indian social networking sites

Join yaari

Google Pagerank: N/A

Alexa Rank (India): 110,436

Alexa Rank (Global): 1,972,005

With an exact look of Facebook, yaari is bound to get anyone’s attention. The inside of it is also like Facebook. I would say yaari is very nicely built and offers a better user experience. Though ranked at the bottom, its rank will soon be increased once people starts liking it.


agryd is one of the best indian social networking sites

Join agryd

Join agryd

Google Pagerank: 2

Alexa Rank (India): 48,696

Alexa Rank (Global): 223,736

Agryd was launched in February 2013 and by December it has made a mark with decent stats I found the inside of it quite impressive. You have several options, the most popular among them being the options to add blogs and participate in polls. You can also listen to songs and watch videos on the site. Like on Facebook, you also can add pages on agryd.


bolshol is one of the best indian social networking sites

Join bolshol

Google Pagerank: 0

Alexa Rank (India): 30,828

Alexa Rank (Global): 543,370

On bolshol, you have your news feed and timeline similar to that on Facebook. Here you don’t have to send friend requests and can add friends directly. There is not much to explore on this site, but it’s clean user interface might play a role in popularizing it in near future.

There are other highly ranked Indian sites built solely for Social Gaming, Social Blogging, Social Video Streaming and Social Dating. I have not listed such sites here as they do not fulfill the criteria of a dedicated Social Network. For a comprehensive list of the top 100 Indian websites read List of the top 100 Indian websites.

(UPDATED: December 12, 2013)